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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

First of all, like most martians, I'm really a ba-zillion years old.  But, this Gregory guy seems in pretty good shape, so he's probably less than a century or two.  I just don't know.

I searched through Gregory's memory and found out he was born in New Jersey in someplace called the "U.S.A."  Then, when he was  three earth years old, his family moved to another state called "Wisconsin."  At age 6 he moved to Cambridge England where he went to school.  After that his family traveled around France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Scotland and Switzerland.  Then they moved back to the U.S.A. whatever that is!  After that he went to school in Spain.  He learned a strange language there called Spanish.  It is easier than Inguish.  Then he traveled around Europe, whent back to the the U.S.A., moved to South America, then went to Spain again, then back to the U.S.A.  Apparently everybody hates this guy so he just roams around the planet.  He spent four years in South Asia too.  Now he lives in someplace called "South Korea."
His father is a history Professor.  He has five brothers and sisters.  He thinks his brothers and sisters are not all completely evil.  He just thinks they're all crazy.  But, he does like some of them at least a little bit.

Summer camp 2005
Taking a break from work

At the end of Summer Camp. 

That's Greg with the flower shirt trying not to look stupid.  He does appear to be "happy" though. 

Greg's Brain

I took out Greg's brain and tried to clean it up last week.  It was about the size of a peanut.  And, it was full of mushy things like "feelings," "sensitivity" and most disgusting of all, "caring."  It was revolting. 

Greg also likes something called "music."  Those are strange awful sounds with words that make no sense.  He especially likes pop and flute music depending on something he calls his "mood."   He likes a song called: "Where is the love" by a group called "Black Eyed Peas" 

Look on the bright side!
(You could be from Uranus!)