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Greg's done a lot of work over the past few months putting together a website about Korean Swords. 
Historically, swords were used by people to kill other people so they could steal each others cows.  Now, they are fancy furniture of the living room.  Also, they are national treasures.  Because they are not used for stealing cows anymore, they are now beautiful.
He has lived in Korea for almost five years.  He loves Korea and thinks it's a peaceful, beautiful country.  Because he's lived in 22 countries so far, he probably knows what's good.

In 2002 he wrote a series of stories for a newspaper called "The Korea Times." They were a series of interviews with foreign ambassadors to Korea. Greg has strange hobbies.

Here's a link to the university Greg works at:

Konyang University

Here's a link to one of his favorite newspapers:

The New York Times

Look on the bright side!
(You could be from Uranus!)