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Greg loves his pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in his life.

First there are a number of bacteria Greg especially likes.  They usually grow in yogurt and cheese.  Someimes they grow in his armpits!  Some people think Greg is developing biological weapons of mass destruction in his armpits!  Probably most people want to kill Greg.  I should have taken Angelina Jolie's body.  Most people like her body.
Greg eats yogurt every day!  Having lived in Wisconsin for some years, he also has acquired a cheese head. 

Yogurt makes earthlings go to a room for resting!
Greg spends a lot of time in the restroom.


Then, there are my fungi friends, including mushrooms.

Greg likes fungi, and even grows them on his feet sometimes!

Greg's feet, - a home for lost fungi

On Mars we kill those who have such ugly feet!  We'd put him on a big cracker and have him for a snack!  On earth, everybody pretends they don't notice his ugly feet.  Earthlings are stupid.

Look on the bright side!
(You could be from Uranus!)