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The sense of nonsense is highly over-rated!

Greg’s weird, almost Zen-like Poems!?



The babbling of fools is giving me a headache.


I guess I better shut up now.



If you say my poems are dung heaps,

I can only say “thank you.”

If you love my poems you’re a bigger idiot than me.



The Fraud

No butterflies or breezes?

The frog jumped without a splash?

You say you’re enlightened?

The hooks on those questions rip my flesh.




Fool that I am

Who is in the mirror.

When checked out some time ago.

Why doesn’t want to know.

Where is lost.





If it says Chan, Seon or Zen

it probably isn’t.

That logic is an evil mistress.

Just bang the heck out of her.



Sea breeze makes my nose twitch.

Ancient ancestors scream at me.

I tell them to shut up.

We drift on a sailboat.




The fighter cuts through all illusions.

Enlightenment is a punch that reaches its target,

without damaging it.  Ha!



Child eyes

Age rhymes with sage, sounds like cage.

Caring or not.

River, sea, sky, rain.

It’s all water to me.

I think I’m smelly today.

Yum!  I’ll swim in the sky!

Who’s that lunatic swimming in the sky?



I am bad

Punctuation in English language poetry is darned annoying.

Can i be small?

Why lock everything in at the end

why begin everything with a big formality?

This poem will not translate well into Korean.

i is badder



Pretty words

You should publish your poetry!

Thank you but, NO!

My ego is a monster and you’d make it worse?



The perception of reality

Is the delusion of duality…

Oh! Just shut up!



This poetry is a pathetic monument to the titanic ego of Gregory C. Brundage, an EFL lecturer at Konyang University, located in beautiful Nonsan City, in the heart of strawberry country, Central Korea.


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