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Here's some docs most employers like to see...

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
University Diploma B.A. 1981

Greg loved the University.  He started in 1973 and was a student continuously until 1988.  His undergraduate major was Psychology, but he also took a lot of natural science course including three semesters of chemistry and two semesters of anatomy and physiology.  After graduating in 1981, he did research in physiology for three years before starting Graduate School where he studies Educational Psychology, with an emphasis on psycho-educational assessment.  He was trained to be a school psychologist - earning membership in the National Association of School Psychologists.  However, after the end of Graduate School, he instead chose to become a journalist!


One of Greg's ba-zillion hobbies is writing!

Graduate School Transcripts

Letter of Recommendation from Honam Jeil HS

Here I'll describe another picture from my vacation.

An Ed/Op piece Greg wrote for Korea Times

I'll upload some other docs soon.  This Greg character has been busy!

Look on the bright side!
(You could be from Uranus!)